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Ti3 Prize Poll Exceeds 2.45 Million Dollars with New Historical High in E-sports 1 Published: 8. Jul 2013 By Link


The International 3 Dota2 Championships (TI3) will start from August 7 and end up August 11 in Benaroya Hall, Seattle, USA. The sponsor has chosen the form of “Interactive Compendium Purchased Jackpot” for this game. Until now, the total prize poll for TI3 has surpassed 2.45 million dollars and continues to increase. This exciting prize poll for TI3 carries it far beyond other world games and becomes the world number one. It is a high-level competition for Dota2 with such a huge prize poll, which will change the destiny for more normal and professional players!



The International Dota2 Championships Gala


The International Dota2 Championships is one of the international E-sports created by Dota2 developer Valve and is first held in Cologne, Germany in 2011. It represents the most important and highest game for Dota2, as well as the highest reward and bonus that you can get.


When The International 2 Dota2 Championships (TI2) was held in Seattle, USA, in 2012, its prize poll had reached up to 1.60 million dollars with 16 top professional teams around the world. iG had stand out as the number one and got the bonus up to 1.00 million dollars as the champion !



The International 3 Dota2 Championships (TI3) is coming soon in August, and TI3 will interact with all the players by Interactive Compendium. For every Interactive Compendium sold by the sponsor, the total prize pool will be increased by 2.5 dollars. Up to now, it has reached over 2.45 million dollars. The additional benefit for Interactive Compendium buyers also unlocks 5 targets. The players can vote for 8 of favorite players from any team, and then they will compete with each other in the mode of solo at The International. 



Prize Poll Reaches the World Number One

With a prize poll over 2.45 million dollars for TI3, it will become the highest standard in terms of E-sports and traditional sports. In fact, it had broken the record in E-sports with a prize poll of 1.60 million dollars for TI2, and a bonus of 1.00 million dollars for champion was also the world number one. Although there are plenty of large and comprehensive E-sports or single category ones, they are far from The International Dota2 Championships in term of prize poll.



The detailed information about allocation for its prize poll has not yet been announced. But it is predicted that the bonus for champion will surely surpass 1.00 million dollars and make a new record.

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