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Third World for Ragnarok Online 2 is Open 0 Published: 8. Jan 2013 By BarryC

Asiasoft Online today announces the opening of third world for Ragnarok Online 2 called "Freyja", which is the name of a Nordic goddess associated with love, beauty and fertility. "Freyja" has been in full operation from 6th January 2013, 1000HRS (+8 GMT).


Asiasoft Online, Ragnarok Online 2, Freyja


Additionally, starting from 7th January 2013 at 1030HRS (+8 GMT), players can gain full access to Ragnarok Online 2's Cash Shop to purchase in-game items such as special potions, decorative clothing, equipments and mounts.


Asiasoft Online, Ragnarok Online 2, Freyja


Asiasoft Online, Ragnarok Online 2, Freyja

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