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The Walking Dead sells 8.5 million episodes 0 Published: 8. Jan 2013 By BarryC

Telltale Games' episodic adventure The Walking Dead has sold 8.5 million episodes to date. Company CEO Dan Connors shared the data point with the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview, adding that roughly a quarter of those sales are for iOS versions of the game.


The Walking Dead, Dan Connors, iOS


The company's biggest sales months for the game were in November and December of last year, thanks largely to the game's first season coming to an end, the end-of-year award accolades, and the conclusion of the first half of the AMC TV series' third season. There's unfortunately no additional word on Telltale's second season plans beyond Connors' brief mention that it is indeed the plan.


A second season of the game is also in the works. Details about the storyline and launch date of season 2 have not yet been announced.

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