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The Leave of Chaox 1 Published: 28. Mar 2013 By Link


Chaox was once a renowned professional player of TSM. But now he left TSM and WildTurtle took his place. Rain Man also left the team earlier. His fans all concern about the event. Why would Chaox leave? Is it his plan or the decision of the team? Let’s see it together.


Official statement of TSM WildTurtle Replacing Chaox as Starter on TSM



After many hours of debate and much consideration, the management of SoloMid has decided to replace Chaox with WildTurtle on a permanent basis. We are extremely grateful to Chaox for all he has contributed over the last two years and it is with a heavy heart that we bid him goodbye. The accomplishments TSM achieved with Chaox on the team will be remembered for as long as people play League of Legends. WildTurtle will be the AD carry for TSM from this week onwards. We are confident this change will be a positive one in the long run; TSM have their eyes firmly on the top of the podium.

For interviews and behind the scenes footage showing the road to this outcome watch this week’s episode of GameCrib.




Just a quick summary of this vid:


  • Chaox is officially KICKED off of TSM due to communication issues
  • We will find out more on the next Gamecribs episode.
  • TSM is in a weird state right now and is definitely hit by the roster changes
  • Chaox has officially moved out ASAP back to New York. TSM guys covered his back by not leaving him out on the streets.
  • Chaox was shaken and emotionally hit by the news today.
  • Future plans for Chaox: go home, relax, stream, and figure things out from there. Potentially could go to Asia and play/coach there.
  • Expect notable differences in playstyle for TSM.
  • To make it clear Chaox was replaced by WildTurtle due to communication conflicts with the team.
  • Dan mentions how Chaox's attitude towards some members of TSM was out of line.
  • In Dan's opinion Chaox being kicked out was expected and justified. (Note: In this part he was asked a question along the lines of whether he [Dan] thought it was justified dropping Chaox, and then Dan said it was justifiable since he knew the whole story.)
  • WildTurtle will be apart of the TSM household ASAP, in Dan's words, by the end of this coming week.
  • Dan's personal side of the story on ChaoX's departure: Wasn't really emotionally connected to Chaox but says he will definitely be missed.
  • Off what Dan said, the whole TSM team was again really sad about Chaox's departure.
  • Dan states that Chaox took the news hard at first, but when it eventually began to sink in Chaox took it like a champ.
  • Dan thinks that Chaox may find another team by the end of this season as long as his attitude is in the right place.
  • Dan again hints about footage in the upcoming gamecribs episode further explaining ChaoX's decision to be dropped.
  • TSM will continue to plug Chaox under the TSM streamers banner.
  • TSM will help Chaox in the search for a new team
  • TSM has even asked Riot about the possibility of finding Chaox a team in China since he speaks Chinese.



Chaox also shared his thought on Facebook:


First of all, I want to thank my friends, fans and family. Your support has really made the entire situation much more more manageable. Also shoutout to @DalaiLama for randomly being there when I got off the plane. 

Do not be mistaken. I am sad. I'm sad that I was forcibly removed from something I worked so hard on for 2 years. 

It was sudden. I was told that I'll be benched one day, then the next I'm kicked from the team and have to move out within 3 hours. I've never had such a hellish planeride, trapped to myself and my thoughts. Why? We'll chalk it up to personality conflicts. The truth is that the truth is an inconvenience at this point. The truth is I have no regrets.

What am I going to do from here? Most likely stream for awhile while I figure it out myself. A new team? Join an existing team? In asia? Coach? I don't know yet. But I'll be active in the League scene.

Thanks again for all the support.


TSM Tribute - Chaox



Video from MaokaisJungle


Xpecial - My Side



Video from SolomidDOTNet


We think the performance of TSM in March is horrible, and we have no idea whether TSM can achieve good performance on Season 3 after the leave of Rain Man and Chaox. We sincerely wish Chaox well as his fans whether he joins another team, becomes the coach or leaves the stage of League of Legends.

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