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Next World of Warcraft Expansion to Release in August, 2014? 1 Published: 2. May 2013 By Link


The Mist of Pandaria wasn’t designed so badly, but any news about the next expansion can make WOWers excited. What’s the next expansion after Mist of Pandaria? Will the Burning Legion come back? Whatever the content, it’s the release date that we care most. 



Lately, one player posted in the forum to talk about the next expansion. Though it was just a casual discussion and not so accurate, some players made reasonable guesses. One senior forum member predicted that the next expansion would be launched in August, 2014. First, Tom Chilton stated in an interview a while ago that in MOP, Blizzard planned to have 3 raiding tiers launched in patch 5.0, patch 5.2, patch 5.4 and perhaps patch 5.5 if needed. Secondly, the lead content designer Cory Stockton said Blizzard was happy with the pace they release their patches and plan to keep doing so. Taking the above into concern, it's likely that Blizzard will announce the expansion at Blizzcon in November and then kick off F&F Alpha early in 2014 followed by Beta, and then a release in summer 2014.


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