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DotA2 Ornament & Bet Guide 1 Published: 28. Feb 2013 By jekki

DOTA2 is heating up all around the world. As a new element, ornament improves the gameplay experience greatly. Thus ornament trade and bet emerge. In this guide, we will show you how to make an ornament bet on the net in details. You can go through the whole guide if you’re interested.


Login and interface info.

Firstly, we need to log onto Click “sign in through steam” on the top right corner in page as below. Then it will go to steam login screen and you just need to fill in the account and password.


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


After that, you will see many bots at the right column of the page. Among them, the highlighted ones are matches to hold and we can bet them. Grey one means closed matches.


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


Let’s take the match between StarLadderNaVi and Empire as an example.


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


The upperleft corner shows when the match starts, the two sides and their popularity are in the middle and the right side tells type of race. When you’re sure to bet the match, just click the frame to enter the bet page.


Odds rules & bet

After choosing the round you bet, click the frame to enter the page below.


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


You can bet at most 4 items at every match: common, uncommon or rare (you don’t have to bet items of one kind, e.g. you can bet 1 common item, 1 uncommon item and 2 rare items). Currently, immortal items, unique items, couriers and other consumables are not allowed to bet.


We can also see the detailed odds information on this page. For example, if you bet an uncommon item for Na’Vi, the odds will be 1 for 1, 1.9 for 2, 2.9 for 3 and 3.9 for 4. Namely, if you bet a uncommon item and Na’Vi wons, you will won one more uncommon item; if you bet two items, you will definitely won another item and there’s high chance for you to won the second item (0.9 means 90% chance to win an item). Similarly, you have high chance to win three items if you bet three or four if you bet four items. On the contrary, if you bet 4 uncommon items for Empire, you will definitely win 4 uncommon items and there’s little chance for you to win fifth item. And so on, for the other odds.


All the items you bet will be retrieved by the system if the team you bet loses the match.

After deciding the team you support and quality and quantity of item you bet, you can get into the bet stage:

If you have never bet before or all your bets are in your bag:


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


Light up the icon of the team you back up (as the yellow frame shows) and then click “Place Bet” in the image above. After that, the following dialog box will emerge: 


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


It means the bot is ready. After we click “add bot and wait”, we can add the bot STEAM as friend and it will invite you to trade automatically. We just need to accept the trade. After the bot says “success” in the dialog box and you place 4 items (at most) for bet and click “confirm”, you can complete the bet process.


Check a bet & cancel a bet

After the bet process, you can check your bet by clicking the option “my bets” above the page (as the yellow frame shows in image below). Then you can go to the bet interface.


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


You can clearly see the match and items you bet and possible returns on the left column of the image above. Of course, you can cancel a bet and get all your items back before the match if you think you choose the wrong team. The way is to click “Cancel Bet” in blue frame and then you can get your items from the bot. The specific operations will be explained in the part – get your items back.


Check the bet result & get your items back

After matches of one day, you can check results for all matches on the homepage. If the team you back up wins, you can click again to go to the page “my bets” to check your winnings or get all items back.


DOTA2, Ornament,Bet


Items in yellow frame are your winnings and those in blue frames are returns. You can choose not to get your items so as to use it next time (pay attention that currently items you left must be less than 12 due to the restriction on bag slot of the bot), or you can get your items.


The move to get your items back is to select one of the dozen bots below your items (every bot shows how many items he owns of you). If you want to pick them quickly, you need to choose bot with the most items. Click the bot frame, and a dialog box on bottom right similar to that of the bet process will emerge. Click “add bot and wait” and wait bots to trade. This is the whole process of the bet.

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