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Valve Steam Box reported to run on Linux, due 2013 0 Published: 8. Jan 2013 By BarryC

According to a Valve employee, Valve's custom set-top Steam Box will use Linux as its operating system. Speaking at the recent Exceptionally Hard & Soft Meeting 2012 conference in Berlin, Valve engineer Ben Krasnow stated that the company's long-awaited Steam Box will run on Linux.


Valve, Gabe Newell, Windows 8


Valve has been actively working on developing Steam for Linux for the last few months, with the public client now supporting 41 games, including Team Fortress 2.


It wouldn't be too surprising given Valve head Gabe Newell's distaste for Windows 8 and the company's recent Linux push. The 2013 release also gels with Newell's recent comments predicting a spate of TV- and Steam-friendly hardware launching in 2013 from various companies, including Valve.

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